Our website follows the Guidelines Administered by Ministry of Electronics and IT:

Grievance Redressal Mechanism:

The user con contact for complains and we will acknowledge the complaint within twenty-four hours and resolve it within fifteen days from its receipt.

Ensuring Online Safety and Dignity of Users, Especially Women

We will remove or disable access within 24 hours of receipt of complaints of contents that exposes the private areas of individuals, show such individuals in full or partial nudity or sexual act or is in the nature of impersonation including morphed images, etc. Such a complaint can be filed either by the individual or by any other person on his/her behalf.

The website webmaster is responsible for ensuring compliance with the Act and Rules. He/she is authorised for 24×7 coordination with law enforcement agencies. Furthermore, shall perform the functions mentioned under Grievance Redressal Mechanism.

Monthly Compliance Report 

The webmaster will publish the details of complaints received and action taken on the complaints as well as details of contents removed proactively.

Identification Of The First Originator Of The Information

The content provider primary source or its nature is enabled, that is required only for prevention, detection, investigation, prosecution, or punishment of an offense related to sovereignty and integrity of India, the security of the State, friendly relations with foreign states.

The website does not publish content related the above or in relation with rape, sexually explicit material or child sexual abuse material.

The website has Contact Us Page, which have the webmaster Indian physical contact address.

The website follows the appropriate mechanism to verify their accounts and provided with demonstrable and visible marks of verification. 

In case where information is removed or disabled,  then a prior intimation for the same shall be communicated to the user who has shared that information with a notice explaining the grounds and reasons for such action. 

Removal of Unlawful Information

An intermediary upon receiving actual knowledge in the form of an order by a court or being notified by the Appropriate Govt. or its agencies through an authorized officer should not host or publish any information which is prohibited under any law concerning the interest of the sovereignty and integrity of India, public order, friendly relations with foreign countries, etc.