My heart goes out to Afghanistan and its citizens, who for centuries have been great friends of India. Their future at the fall of Kabul to the Taliban is precariously placed and full of dark horrors. I just hope that better sense prevails and we do not see citizens tortured or punished for their visions and beliefs.

This idiocy of the Taliban is an abject warning to stupid and blind Indians who advocate right-wing bigotry. If we allow Hindutva louts to take control of our political and social scene, then we too will be left with this kind of slaughter, penury and radicalism that will make freedom and artistic expression as well as living a difficult exercise. For all their moral preachings, the fact is that right-wingers have always been profit-seeking hypocrites who instil fear in society and subjugate people only for their own selfish, abhorrent lust for power.

For the information of the supporters of blind bhakts in India who go around lynching innocents or intruding into kitchens and refrigerators of non-Hindus, the demon of Taliban was created by Americans to oppose Russians, but it ultimately was let loose on common Afghani Muslim citizens, just as it was done on Iraqis, while the wily and undependable Americans ran away to safety. The capitalist media of the West has always projected America as a saviour of freedom, but American and British skullduggery and lies have infected the world with miseries and wars ranging from Vietnam, Congo, and Cambodia to Iran, Iraq & Afghanistan. The frenzy of Islamic radicals has done more harm to Muslim populations than any of the Western civilisations, and one can be sure that the demon of Hindutva, too, will harm the ostracized and poor citizens of India more than the rich and powerful.

People who read little and contemplate even less in India must realise that the ideology of HINDUTVA is just as treacherous, inhuman and debauched and, yes, as immensely destructive and opposed to women’s rights as TALIBAN. The Taliban may profess high moral grounds, but they are known to subjugate women to slavery and prostitution. Similarly, our own Indian radicals may indulge in a lot of moral sloganeering, but they have been beating, maiming and abusing women with regular attacks on their freedom, leading to many scary incidents of rapes and murders.

So do we want India to regress to the Stone ages? Think… and think with your mind. And yes, please do not hypothecate your mind at the feet of rogue politicians and scoundrels. Remember, no Allah or Ram ever gave these radical idiots a right to browbeat and subjugate others. It is just a ploy to extend their own power and dominance by fear and torture.

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